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The Glass Sentence by S.E Grove

The Glass Sentence - S.E. Grove

In "The Glass Sentence" we follow a teenage girl named Sophia. Her uncle is a famous cartologer who is doing his best to influence Boston to keep the borders open for trade and travel, when one day she returns to a messy house, a missing uncle, and a strange boy in her library. She must find Shadrack and discover the truths of the past and future.

Wow! This is a great start to what I think is a series. (Although it may be a duology)

I loved how the author weaved this story together, as I was automatically intrigued by the synopsis. A book about different parts of the world being DIFFERENT ERAS? Sign me up! While this is well written, you could definitely tell that it was written for a younger audience. All the "horrors" our character supposedly faces are basically nothing. Sure, she's had a rough time lately and is brave, but she never faced what would come with being abducted by a mad woman. She was simply questioned.

I would like to see S.E Grove write for a more mature audience as they are very creative! That aside I found this book very interesting and loved how different character's back stories connected with one another. The last page only made me want "The Golden Specific" more!