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Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

    Mare Barrow is a 17 year old girl who lives in a world where the color of your blood determines your place in society. Born with Red blood and raised not knowing when her next meal will be, Mare one day becomes a part of the Silver blood society. She soon experiences all of the extravagant parts of being in a world with lies and secrets, and she may never know who to trust again.


   First off let me tell you how much I enjoyed Red Queen! While it wasn't entirely original, I could enjoy it for what it is. I love fantasy novels, especially ones which include division among the people/creatures in the universe. The aspect of being judged by the color of your blood appealed to me because we have been judged off of skin color...Could you imagine having every disadvantage because of something you were born with?


    In the beginning of the book, Mare was presented as a strong character who was determined to do anything for her loved ones, but for some reason that changed a bit throughout the book. While the entire time she was focused on Kilorn, I feel like she forgot about her family. (Which I thought was a bit funny considering she is mourning a sibling and destroyed another's chance at ever making it successfully in this world) While she was going through Protocol, Training, and Lessons, she became more drawn into the world she was in and who was around her at that moment instead of those who had supported her from day one.



Speaking of support, I'm not sure how anyone didn't see the "plot twist" coming from a mile away. If someone is going out of their way to show "support" for you and suddenly finds out all about the secrets of Red society and the Secret Guard, how can you still believe he is innocent? How can you believe that the one who sits in the shadows and does nothing (FOR HIS PEOPLE EVEN) is a good person? I mean, I still have my doubts about Cal, but at least he truly fights for what he believes in. He is a creative person who organized an entire Silver army FOR EQUALITY. Really Mare, how idiotic are you? 

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    She forced most of the people she was friendly with into doing her bidding and I couldn't find it in myself to pity her. The 3.5 stars is for everything/everyone except for Mare. I cannot give credit to a book that has such an awful MC. With this in mind, I have HIGH expectations for the unnamed sequel!