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The Giver by Lois Lowry

The Giver - Lois Lowry, Ron Rifkin

   I read my first Lois Lowry book in sixth grade. It was Number the Stars and while I found the story sad, it didn't impact me in a way that The Giver has.


   A few months ago, I sat down with my family and watched the movie of The Giver and it captured my attention the entire time. It follows our MC Jonas as he experiences all of the muted motions of life. Everything is laid out & chosen for you- from your hair,clothes,food, and even when you are permitted to learn how to ride a bicycle. They don't comprehend true happiness or anger, but more along the lines of annoyance and something that would make you giggle.


  This isn't a review of the movie, but I did enjoy the movie just a bit more. I like to think that your 'friends' would look out for you and not accept the brainwashing they've been through their entire lives. But then again, isn't that all we are? From the time we are little we are taught specific things by our parents that are mostly backed by society and we believe them to be true. What would YOU do if in your career someone pulled you aside and told you that the life you are living is not the life that used to be?


    The movie didn't clearly explain that once the Giver shares the memories that he no longer has them and I think that was a very important part of this book. He shares real emotion and the only way to truly make someone understand is to have them go through the emotions, not just have a definition of it. When Jonas had the first few memories of bliss, I dreaded him going through pain and suffering. While I'm lucky enough to have never have suffered, I hear about it everyday on the news and from the mouths of those around me. The job of the Giver cannot be easier because how can you explain pain to someone who doesn't know what joy is? 


   Overall, this book will make you question the world and your customs. It also gives you an outlook on life that everybody should keep in mind on days when they are feeling down. Life is BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING, and while we may have to struggle to reach a place where it all clicks, I wouldn't trade a moment of it.