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Moon At Nine by Deborah Ellis

Moon at Nine - Deborah Ellis

I'd like to thank Netgalley and Pajama Press for providing me with a e-book review copy!


I tried. With this book, I really tried. I had never read a book set in Iran and with all the stuff on the news, I was definitely interested to see if a book could be accurate in an area I'm not that experienced in. I think that this book did what was happening in the 80's well, as it displayed different opinions with the events happening. I enjoyed reading about Farrin's character as she has so much love in her heart but was never shown that love back. Her mother was too busy playing hostess to care for her daughter and constantly threw insults at her. There were sweet moments in the book, but overall I struggled to get through it. It was written very simple, but for a reason I can't place, this book wasn't for me.