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Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

Fallen Too Far - Abbi Glines

Holy fuck. This book was disgusting and all over the place. I'm not even going to give a description of this book because I need to rant. 



     Somebody PLEASE explain to me why this has such high ratings and wonderful reviews? This book glorifies sleeping with family members. Specifically, STEP SIBLINGS. WHAT THE HELL?! Why would you ship this? Why would you write a book about them falling in love? It's disgusting. From the moment they met each other, they were drooling, KNOWING who each other was. 



     And can we talk about how Rush sounds like a pervert all the time? "Oh..my sweet sweet Blaire." It sounded like a 50 year old man talking a child into having sex with him. I also understand this is under the adult genre and I truly don't mind sex scenes, but watching your step brother have sex not once, but TWICE? You need therapy. I myself have 3 step siblings and cannot stop being disgusted by this.


     Rush had stalker tendencies and always got his way. Same with Nan. I understand poor little rich girl had such a rough life, but does she have to be such a bitch to everyone? The only person she seemed to ACTUALLY care for is Rush and this leads me to believe it is (or was) more than just brother/sister caring. She acted like she was queen bee and at the end, I wanted to pull those girls off of her head.


    I liked Blaire at first. She was a country girl who needed  place to stay while she worked up her way to being independent. This,however, fell flat when she goes weak-in-the-knees for the first hot boy she meets. They become obsessed with each other and it was weird to read. This book wasn't romantic or sweet, it was like watching a messed up TV show. 


     The romance was not even cheesy, it was plain terrible. Poor girl comes from small town to rich town with 'secrets' and falls in love with the rich guy. Guy is creepy and even though she 'tries' to stay away, he has a pull. She changed said guy from a player to a true romantic. I think I would have been bothered less by this if there wasn't so much build up of a supposed huge secret. 

I was expecting so much more for a huge reveal. I really don't find it to be so shocking and horrifying she needs to run off from the only person left who truly 'loves' her. And really, is she going to blame him? Blame your piece of trash daddy. It WASN'T his place to tell you and you know, he WAS going to tell you. But you know...Blaire is too busy taking her clothes off for the bad boy. I don't know. I feel like it's more along the lines of messed up family dynamics than something to be pissed at everyone over. Your mom wasn't who you thought she was and your dad was weak, so what? Yes, he completely screwed up with your sister in the car and I'm not even sure how that was Rush's fault. He left a note. Okay? Your dad was the one who was driving the car. As a driver it is YOUR responsibility to clear your mind. Want to feel like the pathetic girl you've become? Cool. Do that. Just leave Woods and all the other good people out of your drama. 

(show spoiler)

     I also want to touch on the fact that she never even gave Woods a chance. He was nothing but sweet to her and she blew him off like he was dirt. She complained about people treating her that way but she was no better. Did she clean her little room under the stairs so that when the maid returned she wouldn't have to clean after ANOTHER person? Ugh. 


     Let's also talk about the bad grammar. I'm not perfect, but dang, you have editors check this for you and yet this book had the writing of a 13 year old.


 Overall- Truthfully the only gripe I don't have about this is how fast paced it is. I'm going to continue on with the series solely because I checked out a bind-up of the first 3 books in this series. Lord help me, they better improve.